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Juan Camilo Conde-Silvestre, Universidad de Murcia and Mercedes Salvador, Universidad de Sevilla The fate of linguistic and literary studies of Old English in Spain is, for obvious reasons, inevitably linked to the establishment of English studies at university level.Spain, in this respect, lagged behind other European countries, like Germany or France, which had already funded chairs during the nineteenth century; the study of English philology did not start here until the early 1950s, and only as part of a wide-ranging curriculum on Modern Languages and Literatures.

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Consequently, the fields of English linguistics, literature, history and culture were compacted into the last two years.

Despite these constrictions, an examination of the syllabuses of the sixteen universities that offered a degree in English studies up to 1981—as listed in Guardia and Santoyo's review of this crucial period for the establishment of the discipline (1982: 179–227)—reveals that all of them had room for annual compulsory courses on History of the English Language.

Additionally, some had subjects like Germanic Philology and a few offered specialized courses on Old or Middle English language.

The presence of specific seminars on OE literature may be hidden under more general labels, like "Historia de la literatura inglesa" or very often be a part of the contents of "Filología germánica."In the the mid-1980s there was a boom in the general interest in English Studies, or Filología Inglesa: the professional options available to students with these qualifications—either as secondary school teachers of English, as translators or very often in banking, tourism or general administration—meant that the number of students soared and that a majority of Spanish universities offered degrees in English and thus had to hire specialized staff.

Obviously, the contents and subjects added depend on the expertise and interest of each department's members; interestingly, we assume that the choices affecting OE language and/or literature are clues on the health of the discipline and remarkable for the present survey.

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