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She is also a singer and dancer in the band AAA: Attack All Around. In 2012 she played Akane Yabuki (矢吹 茜) in Ume-chan Sensei (梅ちゃん先生) of the NHK television fiction show.

In 2010 Uno appeared in her second film Rendez-vous (ランデブー!) as the leading character.

In 2008 she played Keiko Endo (遠藤 恵子) in Hitomi (瞳) of the NHK television fiction show.

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Her father was a copywriter and her mother was a social worker.

Inspired by London's West End's Cats, who performed in stage, Uno-chan, from a young age, had aspirations of becoming a stage artists.

Her childhood were ashamed and unsure; she described her primary school years as "dark times", as she was not good at running and jumping.

Afflicted with a frail body and slow response, while still young her determined to make herself regain confidence.

Her fifteen years time is spent at 'Shirayuri gakuen' (白百合学園).

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