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Gahump A General Purpose Heavy Maching Gun, possibly from the failed attempt to pronounce its acronym (? Gaijin (Jap.) A derogatory term for a foreigner or outsider. Gato (hiszp.) A smooth operator, cool person; a Fixer. Garbage Detail (Corp) A retaliatory raid, usually against a streetgang or street-ronin, which takes corporate solos into non-corporate controlled parts of the city. "trash run".) Gargoyle Someone whose job is gathering intelligence in the field, normally bedecked with surveillance gear. Patrz klamka lub giwera Go-go Member of a go-go-gang. Gołoty Pomniejsze gangi nawiązujące do tradycji Sarmackiej Gomasuri (jap) "a sycophant," ie. Gomi - śmiecie, zwłaszcza w odniesieniu do starej technologii. Japanese slang term for any site that has been reclaimed and built on. Gray IC An active, legal, defensive, IC program, capable of causing damage to a cyberdeck. GM - Game Master, patrz Mistrz Gry Gnat - broń palna. Goblinization Derogatory slang for the 2011 UGE, normally reserved for refering to Orks & Trolls. Go To Gothic A member of a posergang whose motif is death and old black & white movies.

From the acronym for "Ground Effects Vehicle." Gewalt (niem.) przemoc. Gibson Gillette A heavily cybered samurai, or other mucsle (see razorguy). Glitter Folk Rich people who only have time and money. "bullet-stopper".) Gumby From Monty Python, an act of minor but conspicuous stupidity (e.g.

Glitterboy/girl A rich person, media figure, rock star or simsense star.

Patrz klamka lub gnat Glitter Clothes Clothes made of flickercladding. Characterized by non-standard code, lack of comments, and great chrome. "yes." (Unless the question was phrased negatively, then it's "no.") See Iie. Handle A working nick-name by which one is known on the streets.

Goe (MATT: Powinno byc GI Joe) - skrót od Gwałt i Grabież, oznacza również totalny chaos. Distinguished by the fact that it works and is ready 2 years before the professional version. HALO an abbreviation for any High-Altitude Low Open para-glider/chute operation or insertion.

Harry Complimentary term applied to an especially lethal piece of hardware. Heavy Either of the two heavily armed, offensive positions on an urban brawl team Hexed 1) Afflicted with cyberpsychosis. Highrider Someone who lives or works in space (typically, all of their life). Hitcher Jacks Cyberdeck attachments that allow non-cybered companions to accompany a decker into the Matrix. From, "Human-Metahuman Vampiric Virus." Hoi Hi, Hello. Hoop A mild curse word, referring to a person's backside. Hound-Tipping Popular street practice of ambushing and reprogramming police robohounds.

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