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Everything in the life of Dexter revolves around ‘the code’: feeling an urgent need to kill since he was a small kid, his father teaches him that he’ll be ok as long as he does it following an strict rule: he can only take the lives of those who have unjustifiably killed others and presumably will keep doing so.

So far, he has managed to lead an almost normal life, and even finding a job in the police where can use his peculiar skills, but how long can he pretend to be just another guy and avoid getting caught in his nocturnal activities? Hall’s performance as a psycopath after his work in Six Feet Under, where he played quite the opposite character, constantly riddled by guilt, doubt and love.

He seems quite comfortable as the mostly emotion-less Dexter, though, and has been the main strength of this show that, already at its seventh season, is nearing its climax.

Dexter has been a true blessing fow Showtime, giving the network its best ratings ever with the season 4 finale, watched by 2.6 million viewers.

By day he's a blood spatter pattern expert for the Miami Metro police department.

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