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by  |  14-Oct-2014 09:14

A 41-year-old man from upstate New York faces the possibility of up to 250 years in prison after he created fake online profiles pretending to be a teenaged boy then pressured his 14-year-old daughter to send him nude photos then later blackmailed her into silence when he started sexually abusing her.

The man faced sexual abuse charges in Herkimer County Court today and pled guilty to the charges.

The father reportedly had a river of tears streaming down his face at the possibility of a life-long sentence for abusing his own daughter.

The federal court has seen 12 counts of enticing a child to produce child pornography as well as receiving and sending child porn brought against the abusive father.

The courts heard of how the devious scheme began in September 2013 when the man set up social media accounts like Instagram, AOL, and even with a texting service under a fake name.

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